Use category folders as a tool to help you organize your assets.
You can create your new categories from the Edit Image screen. Once you have associated an image or file with a category it will be displayed in the category folders along the left of your screen. Category folders are deleted if you remove all images and files from that category.


You can also create a category folder by uploading a folder from your computer to your inbox. The category will be instantly created and named using your User-ID appended to the name of your original folder. Any subfolders will be created as subcategories under the parent category. To learn how to send entire folders of images into another category, see Edit All in on the Edit Image screen.


Category Toolbar Functions:

All functions on the toolbar are applied to ALL assets within a category. This applies to all assets in a grouping whether you are viewing a category, lightbox, or search results. 

Add all to lightbox
 Add all to lightbox
Click on this icon to add all the images and files to the Lightbox.

Add to Album
 Albums: Add or remove all images

Roll over the album icon and select the appropriate check box(es) to add or remove ALL FILES across all pages of the category to an album or multiple albums. This operation includes images in this folder on subsequent pages that are not currently being displayed.The drop down menu also allows you to create a new album. Simply type in the new album name in the field and click the save icon. The new album will be created and ALL files from the folder will be added to it in one step. An empty album cannot be created, and any album will cease to exist once all images have been removed from it. 

Archive Image
 Delete All

Click on this icon to move all images in the lightbox to the Recycle Bin. A deleted image can then be permanently erased or restored into a category from the Recycle Bin.


Download all

Click on this icon to download all files in the lightbox. A 'download all' confirmation screen will be displayed listing all the files chosen.When multiple files are selected for download, ImageDirectorâ„¢ places all files into one zip file (*.zip) for a quick and easy download to your hard drive. For more information on downloading files see: Downloading Files.

make a cd with all lightbox images
 Make CD

Make a CD with all current folder images. Click on this icon to display a screen listing the images selected and the total cost. You will also be asked for your mailing information and to choose a mail procedure (Ordinary postal mail, Express mail, Overnight courier). Once you confirm your order you will be taken to the CD Orders folder, which lists the details of your order by date, transaction number, total price, number of pictures, and image size. This folder can also be reached by clicking History under the left navigation menu.


Sort by:
You can sort your images by various options, including category, alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, date and size.

  Images per page:

You can set the number of images per page which will displayed. You can choose among 5x2 /page, 7x2 /page, or 7x7 /page.


Browse backward through pages within a category, or use the drop-down menu to select a specific page.


Browse forward through pages within a category, or use the drop-down menu to select a specific page.


Refreshes the current page.


 Print Images

Prints the thumbnails as laid out on the page. A new window will open with a preview of the image layout. Click the print button again to confirm.



The help icon will display helpful tips and suggestions for the screen you are currently viewing.

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