Downloading Files

Downloading Default Image Versions

ImageDirectorâ„¢ automatically generates several default version of an image uploaded to it and provides them for download in a full range of supported image formats. These default versions of your original source image are ready for immediate download at any time.  Sizes have been selected based on the most common needs of our users and their applications.  In order to download one of the automatically generated versions of your image, or to download


Download options
in Asset Browser

All downloading within ImageDirector is controlled by the Download icon, which is displayed both in the Asset Browser view and the Image Editor.  Hovering your mouse over the Download icon bring up the Download Options menu.  This menu controls all downloading of assets within ImageDirector.



Download Options



Download Options menu has three parts to every option listing, the name of the option, the size of the file associated with the option, and a checkbox. The file options are as follows:

Original -
This file format is not altered and is stored in the database.
Slide- Resized within 1024x678 pixels - customized for slide presentations.
Internet -
Resized within 250x250 pixels - customized for internet use.  
Custom -
Download an custom image defining size, format, colorspace, and dpi.
Start Download - Click to begin the download process.


The checkboxes allow you to select multiple options for downloading. All versions selected will be packaged into a zip file upon selecting Start Download.  If you only select one option for downloading then the file will be saved directly. 



Compares the original file to the two default deriviative files (Slide and Internet)  which are created upon upload.

Downloading Custom Versions of Images 

In addition to the standard default downloadable images, ImageDirectorâ„¢ has built into it unique and powerful live image editing features that allow you to create a completely customizable version before downloading it.  To use download customized images select the Custom option from within the Download Options menu.  


For more information on this feature please visit the Custom Images help file. 



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