Supported file formats for auto-generated image previews 
Any file type can be uploaded to ImageDirector. However ImageDirector automatically creates preview derivatives for the following supported formats. Please contact us if you wish to have more formats that have automatically generated thumbnails. 


*Note: The original file is never touched - it is simply stored on the system.

AI - Adobe Illustrator
Adobe vector based graphic file format. (Illustrator 9+)


BMP - Bitmap
A raster based file format.

Bitmap images, also called raster or paint images, are made of individual dots called pixels (picture elements) that are arranged and coloured differently to form a pattern. When you zoom in, you can see the individual squares that make up the total image. Increasing the size of a bitmap has the effect of increasing individual pixels, making lines and shapes appear jagged. Reducing the size distorts the original image because pixels are removed to reduce the overall image size.


CDR - Corel Draw
Proprietary file format used in Corel's CorelDraw graphics application.


EPS - Encapsulated PostScript
A vector graphic file format developed to facilitate the exchange of PostScript files between different applications.


GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
A raster graphic format used primarily for compressing linear or solid colour images to be viewed on the internet.


JPG/JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
A raster graphic format used primarily for compressing photographic images to be viewed on the internet. Note: If you have a CMYK JPG file, the derviatives are RGB so they can be viewed in a browser. If you download a custom file and choose CMYK and JPG this file will only be viewable in a graphics application not your browser. Browsers can only display RGB.


PCD - PhotoCD
Kodak PhotoCD files are a proprietary format developed by Kodak for photographic image storage.


A bitmapped graphic file format originally developed by ZSOFT for its PC Paintbrush program.


A raster graphic file format developed by Apple Computer in 1984, it can hold both object-oriented images and bitmapped images.


PDF - Portable Document Format
A distribution format developed by Adobe Corporation to allow electronic information to be transferred between various types of computers.


PNG - Portable Network Graphics
A raster graphic compressed graphic format that supports an alpha channel (transparency). It can be viewed through most web browsers except Internet Explorer.


PS - PostScript
This is a proprietary language created by the Adobe. This language tells a printer what to print on a particular page.


PSD - Adobe Photoshop Document
Adobe proprietary graphic file format.


TGA - Targa
TGA is a common format for graphic files used in video and texture maps. It supports 8, 15, 16, 24, and 32 bit depths. 8 bit can be grey scale.


TIFF / TIF - Tagged Image File Format
TIFF is a common format for exchanging raster (bitmap) images between applications, including those used for scanning images
TTF - True Type Font 
The True Type Font is a scalable font format. It allows users of Apple and Windows PCs to display fonts in almost any size as though each size would have been designed separately.


VDX/VSD- Visio
Visio (diagram editor) proprietary file formats.

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