Toolbar Functions

Depending on your privilege you will see a different set of toolbar functions. 

Preview Image - Upload viewable file

If you upload files that can't be converted automatically or you wish to assign a different viewable image to a specific file, you can do so by uploading a new file. This new file will be used to create all 4 versions (Slide, Preview, Internet and Thumbnail). The original file is never touched, unless you choose to replace it by checking the box.


upload new viewable image
Edit Screen Toolbar Functions


 Full Screen

View the 1024 x 768 derivative of your file. Images are never scaled up and they always maintain their proportions when being scaled down. This Full Screen view also allows you to browse through the slides in your PowerPoint presentation. Click on the arrows to move forwards and backwards through the slide show.




 Add to Lightbox

 Remove from Lightbox






Click on this icon to copy a file to the lightbox folder - click it again to remove it from the lightbox. The Lightbox folder helps to organize your files by grouping them for bulk editing or processing. Files from different categories can be added to the Lightbox folder to form a project group that can be accessed later, downloaded in a zipped file or ordered as a project CD.




Add to Album 
Add to / Remove from Albums


album drop-down menu
Roll over the album icon and select the appropriate check box(es) to add or remove this file from your albums.

The drop down menu also allows you to create a new album, simply type in the new album name in the field and click the save icon.


Archive Image
 Delete Image = Send to Recycle Bin 



Click on this icon to move this image into the Recycle Bin. An image archived to the Recycle Bin can then be permanently erased or republished into a category at a later date.



Archive Image
 E-mail Thumbnail

Click on this icon to e-mail a thumbnail of the selected image with a link to the Preview page. Simply fill in the fields in the popup form and click the Send Email icon.





Roll over the download icon to reveal the drop down menu. Click on the appropriate check box(es) to select the file size(s) you wish to download and then click  Start Download >>

If you wish to create a custom file click Custom >> to set the format, size, colourspace and dpi before downloading the file.

If multiple files are selected for download, ImageDirectorâ„¢ will place all files into one zip file (*.zip) for a quick and easy download to your hard drive. For more information see: Downloading files.



Remove this image from the Album
 Restore Image (Recycle Bin Privilege only)
Republishes the image with its original data. 



 Save and Previous
Save information and view previous file.




Browse backwards through images.



Browse forward through images.  



 Save and Next
Save information and view next file.  



The help icon will display the online help with tips and suggestions.


 Use previous data




Click on this icon to use all the data associated with the last image edited (except filename) to auto-fill all fields in the edit window for the currently displayed file. 



Edit All
 Edit All

To apply changes you have made for this image to all images in your current folder, roll over this icon and a popup menu will appear. Check the desired content you wish to replace, and click Overwrite all >>. This allows you to perform time-saving operations such as moving all images in this folder to another category. This feature is currently not available in My Albums.


Content fields available for Edit All:



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