System Upgrade Notice - Oct 3, 2005

Please note that ImageDirector's Lightbox and Albums are undergoing a system upgrade where many of the features discussed below will be amalgomated, upgraded, or replaced. When reviewing the following material please keep in mind that any feature discussed may become depricated within the next few months. At that time please return to this help file to review the new changes to the system, or contact our support staff if you have any questions of concerns. No loss of data will result from this upgrade.

My Albums Functions

Under My Albums you can edit the look of your album, share it with internal users and set passwords for external users.

The My Albums Toolbar



Remove all

All images will be removed from this album. Once this occurs the album too will disappear from your list of albums because it is empty. To create an album see: My Albums - Overview

Show - View

You can set the number of images per page which will displayed, as well as the placement of your description text. You can choose among 1x7 /page or 2x7 /page, with text to the left or right of the images, or 7x2 /page with text to the bottom of the images.



Click save to save all your album settings including setting new user ids and passwords.

Thumbnail Functions:

By clicking on the Thumbnail you can preview the image and its data.


The edit icon displays the Edit Image Data screen where you can preview the image and change its data, including uploading new thumbnails or preview images.



Remove from Album

This image will be removed from this album.


Download Asset

Roll over the download icon to reveal the drop down menu. Click on the appropriate check box(es) to select the file size(s) you wish to download and then click the download icon. See: Download Files


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