Quick Reference

Search for files

The Search Results are displayed on the right after pressing Enter or the "go" button. The following fields are searched simultaneously: File Name, Short Name, Category, Keywords, Description, Notes, Customer ID, Image ID.  

Use the Advanced Search function for more precise control over your search parameters. You can search for a match on all words, on any word, on an exact phrase (case insensitive), by image orientation, and by file type.

Download files

ImageDirector™ automatically generates file formats from original uploaded files in accepted image formats. These generated files, which are JPG or GIF formats, are available for downloading by rolling over the download icon and selecting a file size from the list. For more details see: downloading files.


Download icon:


Roll-over and select downloads:  



Work with Categories

Use category folders as a tool to help you manage your files and images. You can create your own category folders on the 'Edit Image' screen. Placing a file in a new category adds the category to the left menu and when clicked will display in the category folder along with all the images that have the same category description.


If your ImageDirector has the optional multiple categories feature, you can place any asset into multiple categories by clicking "add to multiple categories". To remove a file from a multiple category, click on the category that you want deleted and then click  "remove from multiple categories".


Assign Privileges

Define access rights for each file by checking the appropriate privilege level. You can assign more than one privilege to any image. By assigning a privilege to an asset, only users with that privilege and Administrators (who can see everything) will be able to see the asset.




Edit multiple files at once:  

Edit All 
To apply changes you have made for this image to all images in your current folder, roll over the Edit all icon and a popup menu will appear. Check the desired content you wish to replace, and click Overwrite All. You can also include subfolders into this process.

Upload files

Click Upload / Inbox on the left menu to view the available upload options. From the Upload Tab, ImageDirector offers four methods for uploading your files and images:

  • Web Folder  (recommended for multiple files)
  • Web FTP  (for large batch uploads)
  • HTTP transfer (up to 5 single files can be uploaded simultaneously)
  • FTP client (if your system cannot use Web uploads)


Click the Inbox tab once you are done uploading.  


If you drag-and-drop folders to the Web Folder or Web FTP windows, your conversion process will start automatically. You will find your files in the Categories, named with your userID and folder name. i.e.   _yourUserID_folderName


From the inbox click the Edit icon to add meta data and categorize your files.


For more details see Uploading Methods.


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