View Users

View and manage pending and registered users.

View all users

To sort users by a particular field (User ID, First Name, Last Name, Company, Country, Privilege, Group) click on the desired header at the top of the table.


View user statistics

To view a specific user's activity history, click on their User ID text link.


Edit a user profile

Click the edit icon to display the user's profile for editing.


Delete a user

This will disable the user on the system. Any files that may have been left in this user's inbox will be moved to the administrator that deleted them. Users cannot be recovered.


Toolbar Functions:  


Search for user

You can use this function to search for a user by typing in a name or part of a name. The results will be displayed at the bottom of the folder. You can also click on a letter at the bottom of the folder to sort users by Last Name beginning with that letter. Note that after performing a search, clicking on a letter will only sort users displayed in your search results.


   Show user list
Displays a table of all users in your database. From the User List screen you can export all your user profiles to an Excel spreadsheet.


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 Add new user

When adding a new user you must define a user ID, email, privileges and user group.



The help icon will display helpful tips and suggestions. 



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