User Groups (option)

Working with different groups within ImageDirector

Create User Groups

To create a new User Group go to the Edit Window of any asset and add a new group to the field "Add Group".

Note: A group only exists as long as at least one asset is assigned to this group.


Add a new user to the User Group
You can add a new user to a User Group by creating a new user in the Manage Accounts section of ImageDirector. The dropdown list for User Groups lets you assign the desired User Group to that user.  Move existing users from one User Group to another by selecting another User Group from the dopdown list.  

Note: The dropdown menu for User Groups is only visible if this option is installed for your ImageDirector and if at least one User Group was already created. 


Remove User Group

If you wish to remove a User Group, remove all assets from this group. This automatically removes the group from the system.


New users with the automatic signup feature (option)

If your system has the Automatic Signup feature and User Groups installed, users can automatically be assigned to the correct User Group upon signing up to your ImageDirector. You provide your prospecitve users with a link that is directing the new users to your group.


The group link is https://


Note:  /group/ is case sensitive.


If a user signs up through this link, the group will automatically be assigned. After signup, these users can also use the link https:// and will still be routed to their respective User Group.


If your organisation is using its own DNS entries to access ImageDirector, you can use this link and add /group/ to it.


Example: https:// takes the users directly to the user group Diovan of Novartis.   

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