ImageDirector System Setup (System Administrators Only)

The ImageDirector customization options available to a user depend on the permission settings for the user logged in. For the purpose of simplicity this guide will assume the user is the primary site administrator and has full access to all ImageDirector features available.


To access the configuration options, select the “System Setup” option from the navigation menu on the left. The options available are as follows:

Configuration Options
This page allows you to enable or disable various ImageDirector features across an entire site. Simply check those features you would like to be available then choose “Save Configuration” to make your alterations permanent. For more detailed information about what each feature means, please consult the Privilege Settings section below.


Disabling a feature from this page will automatically remove that feature for all ImageDirector users/groups except administrators. If you decide to enable the feature again at a later date, you will need to go to Privilege Settings in order to reactivate the functionality for those who previously had access to it. If a feature is disabled from within the Configuration Options page, it will no longer appear as an option under Privilege Settings.


If you are an administrator but do not see the Configuration Options choice in your System Setup menu, you may enable this function from the “My Profile” page..


Privilege Settings (Roles)
With Privilege Settings administrators define which features are available to each privilege level. New privileges can be opened and existing ones can be changed. For security reasons, it is not possible to delete an existing privilege.  Note: The saving process of the privilege settings can take several minutes.


The first privilege is the top level administrator that has access to all functions that are turned on for your ImageDirector. Functions marked with a red checkbox cannot be deactivated for this level.


For all other privileges, any feature listed may be enabled or disabled. Simply check off those functions you would like to be available to each privilege level, then click the save button at the bottom.


Each group may contain separate privilege settings. To change the group use the drop down menu at the top of your screen. To add a new privilege level to the current group, enter the name beside “New Privilege”, then click the add button..


Explanation of Available Privileges  

The first privilege is the top level administrator that has access to all functions that are turned on for your ImageDirector. These functions can not be deactivated for this level.


This allows Upload of files through the upload menu.

Edit Image
Role is allowed to edit meta data.


CD Order
Role can order assets on CD.

View Lightbox
Role can assemble his personal collections in a lightbox. 


Special Upload to Category
Role is allowed to upload directly into any given category.


Create Album
Role is allowed to create albums.


Delete Image
Role is allowed to delete files from ImageDirector™. Deleted files will always be placed into the recycle bin from where they can be removed permanently.


View Recycle Bin
Role is allowed to delete files from the recycle bin. All files that are deleted will be placed into the recycle bin from where they can be removed permanently.


Restricted Edit
This function is not active.


View Slideshow through Thumbnail
Role is allowed to view slideshows of powerpoint presentations.


View My Profile
Role can see and edit their own user profile, including changing their password, but not  User-ID.


Send Image by E-Mail
Allows role to send assets to other members of ImageDirector or to third parties.


See Details in Preview
Gives role more information in the preview window than the standard information.


Advanced Download
Allows role to select from different download formats then the standard formats. Files will be generated on-the-fly.


Web Templates
Shows the role the web template folder and allows editing thereof.


Print Templates
Shows the rol of print template folder and allows editing of PREEON Publisher templates.


My Templates only
This restricts the role to PREEON Publisher templates. This role would not see any other assets.


Access to CD Order
Allows role to see a summary of all CD orders that have been placed previously.


Shows to logout menu to this role. Logging out closes the session.


Restricted Download
This allows to restrict to downloading PDF documents, where the original would be a DOC format. This role does not have access to DOC originals.


PDF Download
This role allows the download of PDF documents from doc files. 



Upload Banner

From this page you may change the banner and background images that appear at the top of your site for all users. Simply click the browse button to select your image, then click “Send Data” in order to make the change. You may upload either a background image, banner, or both at the same time. Acceptable image file formats include JPEG, GIF, and PNG.


Although the banner image will be resized automatically, try to choose a graphic that has similar dimensions such that it will scale well if it is too large. The optimal dimensions for a banner image are 754 x 87 pixels.


You must refresh your ImageDirector site before you will be able to see the changes you have made.


Edit Emails

Use this function to edit the confirmation messages sent to new users, as well as the messages for confirming changes to user privileges.


Select Group
At the top of the page is a drop down list of all groups on your ImageDirector. Each group can have custom emails. Select a group and then begin editing the emails. 

Purpose defines what this email is being used for.

Variables defines what dynamic text, generated by the system, can be added to your custom messages.

Custom Messages
There are many ways that emails may be customized such as:

Title (Subject Line)
Introductory Text
Greeting Text (closing remarks)
Attachment (add a file to be sent with the email)

Clicking the Save icon on the top right corner of the screen saves all changes to the emails of the group you are currently viewing.


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