Privilege Settings

The privilege settings allows an administrator to assign privilege levels for within a group. Each group can have completely unique and isolated privilege levels from one another to allow for the greatest of flexibility.  The default group (the one that was initially available on installation of Imagedirector, usually your company name or abbreviation) establishes the default privileges that are available when a new group is created.   Please note that these privileges are copied from the default group not linked so removing them form the default group will not effect all groups.


Adding a New Privilege Setting


To add a new privilege setting simply fill in the name of the privilege you wish to create in the New Privilege input box and click the Add icon.


A new privilege will appear for this group with no settings active.


Editing a New Privilege Setting

Editing a privilege is a simple as checking and unchecking the appropriate settings in the Privilege Settings page. Once you have made the changes that you wish simply click on the Save icon to have the settings added for all users of that privilege setting.

The Privilege Settings

The following is a list of settings that can be set for each privilege level of the Privilege Settings window.

Upload - Permits uploading to Imagedirector for the selected privilege level.


Edit Image - Permits access to the "Edit Window" for files within the user's group not that they do not own. By default any files owned or uploaded directly by a user are editable irrespective of this setting.


CD Order - Allows users of the privilege level to order a CD for a group of files that have been selected (at additional cost).


View Lightbox - Allows users of the privilege level to use the Lightbox feature of Imagedirector (similar to a shopping cart).


Special Upload to Category - Allows for uploads to be restricted to non-conventional categories. By default all uploads are sent to the uploading user's Inbox, when this setting is activated uploads for this privilege setting will be redirected to proprietary categories.  For most clients this setting should always be disabled.


Project - Allows access to this privilege level to the Projects feature of Imagedirector.


Delete Image - Allows the privilege level to delete assets from Imagedirector. All assets that are deleted are moved to Imagedirector's Recycle Bin.


View Recycle Bin - When active users within the privilege level may view and restore files from the Recycle Bin.


Restricted Edit - This setting restricts editing of files to the active privilege level only.  This means users of the same group, but different privileges may view and download one another's assets but not edit them in Imagedirector.  However users in the same group and privilege level will be able to fully edit them.


View Slideshow through Thumbnail - Allows for the Powerpoint slide show feature to be triggered directly from a search page rather than having to enter the Edit Image window to trigger it.


View My Profile - Allows access to the user's profile to view and change contact information and passwords.


Send Image by Email - Toggles whether the privilege level can send emails directly from Imagedirector of thumbnails that link to high quality equivalents stored on Imagedirector.


See Details in Preview - Toggles the amount of meta data displayed to users who do not have editing privileges to an asset. For example for users that can not edit files it is usually not useful to display to the user the different privilege levels that have access to that asset.


Advanced Download - Allows access to the Custom Download features of Imagedirector.


My Templates Only - Depricated. Toggles the display of templates by file. This option has been replaced by direct asset control via the Edit Window. [Preeon Feature]


Access to CD Orders - Allows users of the privilege level to access the CD Orders reviews page.


Logout - Sets the default status of the logout button to visible or invisible.


Restricted Download - If this is turned on, users are not capable of downloading the original word document


PDF Download - If this feature is activated users will be presented with the option of downloading a PDF version of Word documents within the system.


Overwrite rights when sending image by email - By default when sending images by email (refer to earlier setting "Send Image By Email" the system will only permit emails to email accounts within the main domain. Setting this option to active allows for emails to be sent to other domain names.


Asset Versioning - Activates the ability of Imagedirector to retain versioning of assets altered by the system, allowing the user to rollback an asset to an earlier state. (requires activation by Onison staff)


Different Meta Data - Allows users of the privilege level to set meta data that is unique to the category it is contained within. Creating multiple meta data records for an asset.


Page Mapping - Feature change... pending...


Template Set As Default - Depricated. Allows the privilege level the ability to "Set As Default" (overwrite all users). [Preeon Feature]


Watermark - Sets watermarking on or off for this privilege level when previewing an image.


Allow Edit to Other Groups - Allows the privilege level to publish assets to other groups provided they are of the same privilege level.


Home link - Toggles the visibility of the "Home" link on the navigation menu for users of this privilege setting.


Refresh - Toggles the visibility of the "Refresh" icon for users of this privilege setting.


Admin Email Restriction - Only permits users with email addresses for the primary domain to be set up as administrators.


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