System Upgrade Notice - Oct 3, 2005

Please note that ImageDirector's Lightbox and Albums are undergoing a system upgrade where many of the features discussed below will be amalgomated, upgraded, or replaced. When reviewing the following material please keep in mind that any feature discussed may become depricated within the next few months. At that time please return to this help file to review the new changes to the system, or contact our support staff if you have any questions of concerns. No loss of data will result from this upgrade.



My Albums Overview

Use albums to easily share with media, retailers, print shops, or customers who are in different departments and around the world who are not on your imagedirector system.
Within My Albums, you can make image collections available to audiences that do not edit your proprietary information, but do need access to view and download the information. By sending these audiences a link or URL, they can view and download the files. They do not even need to login.


Albums cannot be created from My Albums they must be created by adding an image to an album from thumbnails or toolbars.


  • Add individual files to albums from the thumbnail icon or edit screen toolbar.
  • Add an entire collection to an album from the lightbox, search results pages, or a category.  
  • Add a new Album by typing in the field after New: and click the save diskette icon.



[Add to Album] icon found on thumbnails: 



[Add ALL to Album] found on category, lightbox and search results toolbars:




Remove from Album


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