Logging In

Login through the web address: https://yourclientname.imagedirector.net


ImageDirector features a sophisticated login system that allows for full encryption, and multiple levels of authentication for your users.  The following explains the basic login procedure for our standard level protected system.  For clients with increased security options we have several options available.


The Login Screen
When logging into ImageDirector you should be presented with a prompt similar to the following:

The Login Page (https://yourclientname.imagedirector.net)


The User ID is the account name that was provided to you by your employer, the Password field corresponds to the password associated with that account.


Depending on your system you may also be presented with another input box that allows you to enter a group or dealership ID.  If you have another option available please fill it in with the appropriate information as provided to you by your employer.


Your Protection

If you do not have an account or password please request one from your employer.  If you are the employer the User ID and Password information can be found in your confirmation of install email.  If for whatever reason you can not locate your username and password you may request one from the system by clicking on the "Forgot your password?" link on the main page.  A new password will be randomly generated and sent to your email, from this point onwards your old password will be invalid.


The Forgot Your Password Page


ImageDirector Security

When using ImageDirector your asset security is our number one priority.  With this in mind our login system has implimented the following procedure requirements to harden our security against the outside world.

Login Information

Your password information is converted into an encrypted hash BEFORE it leaves your computer.  This means that any traffic that is intercepted between your computer and our systems is encrypted and unreadable.  You password is thus safe from the malicious user reading it during transit.  Please note that both the user ID and password are case sensitive.  


Login Attempt Monitoring

Three repeated invalid login attempts will result in a temporary deactivation of the user account.  Our staff will be notified of such events so they may review the problem immediately. Once the account has been temporarily deactivated the user will receive a new updated password in the mail.  The older password will no longer be valid.  This prevents malicious users from repeatedly trying passwords to gain access to your system.


Time Limit to Login

ImageDirector has a five minute time limit between the page loading and the user submitting their login request. If the user takes longer than five minutes to login, the user is assumed to have left their computer and all login attempts will fail.  Refreshing the page (and thereby emptying any values typed into the login fields) will allow for login attempts once more.  This procedure helps to insure that the user does not fill in their password then leave their computer unattended, allowing a malicious user to login by simply hitting the "login" button after the legitimate user has left the vicinity.


High Security Requirements

For those clients that are looking for a more restrictive login procedure ImageDirector allows for a second level of authentication.  The system will authenticate the User ID and Password against the current database values, if the user validates they will be shown a new login page with a single field for a password.  This password is generated randomly on the spot and sent to the user's email account.  The user will have to open the email message and copy the sent password into the new password field before gaining acccess to ImageDirector.


Other Options
The above options are only a summary of the login security steps put in placed by our average client.  onison is fully capable of customizing any part of the system, including the login system to ensure the safety of your material from unauthorized users.  If you would like any further assistance in this area, or simply would like to acquire about further methods of protecting your assets please contact our support staff at the email provided on the bottom-left corner of this page.    




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