Scalable Media Asset Management


ImageDirector is the popular, secure repository for digital information – from high resolution images, photographs and simple text documents to videos – for presentations, brochures, websites and mailings, all in the correct format, thereby eliminating the need for time consuming searches. ImageDirector can be deployed for internal pre-press purposes, for your af?liates abroad, for the press around the globe or any combination thereof.


With ImageDirector, the powerful digital asset management system, you will quickly ?nd what you are searching for.


Browser-based Across Borders

ImageDirector is an ef?cient and effective browser-based digital asset management solution that allows companies to share digital images and all other digital ?les for pre-press and any other purpose (Internet, intranet, and e-mail) amongst their customers and corporate af?liates.


ImageDirector is successfully deployed amongst some of the largest corporations in the world. ImageDirector customers are bene?tting from large cost savings in both logistics and in avoiding redundancies in the preparation of marketing materials.


ImageDirector facilitates multiple teams to work simultaneously on the same marketing project internationally. The localisation process is facilitated as distribution channels have immediate access to corporate marketing media. This signi?cantly reduces preparation and project time until press-ready.


Intuitive and Self-explanatory

onison’s application services are differentiating themselves from the competition due to their unprecedented usability. ImageDirector helps organisations to build a global communications culture by distributing digital media internationally. ImageDirector is simple to use and bene?ts can be immediately derived. Because all steps in the process are intuitive and self-explanatory, there are no special training requirements required for users of ImageDirector.


Use of ImageDirector will centralize a company’s digital assets, becoming a repository that is:


  • Accessible from anywhere and at all times via a web-browser
  • Searchable, making the location of files simple
  • Secure and privilege-based, providing controlled self-service distribution of digital files
  • Automated to remove time consuming tasks associated with resizing and reformatting images and photographs
  • Organised based upon user-defined categories 
  • Viewable, providing thumbnail previews as well as larger, detailed images

Depending on your organisational needs, ImageDirector is offered as an application service where no IT involvement is required or as a managed inhouse installation where onison is monitoring and upgrading the service or as a combination thereof.

ImageDirector is in use by some of the world’s largest organisations. It has been deployed to more than 11,000 clients worldwide and has proven to be a powerful tool that has increased productivity while decreasing costs.











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