System Upgrade Notice - Oct 3, 2005

Please note that ImageDirector's Lightbox and Albums are undergoing a system upgrade where many of the features discussed below will be amalgomated, upgraded, or replaced. When reviewing the following material please keep in mind that any feature discussed may become depricated within the next few months. At that time please return to this help file to review the new changes to the system, or contact our support staff if you have any questions of concerns. No loss of data will result from this upgrade.


Editing Albums 

Share files for downloading with those who do not have access to your system by creating an album. Add files to an album from any category, enter a title and description, save the album, and then distribute the URL for the album.


The URL is the location of your album on the World Wide Web. Click on this link to preview the album. Copy the album URL and send it to others so they may view the album. Album visitors will only be able to download images. All other functions are disabled. See Viewing Albums.


Share this album

Check this box if you wish to share this album with another user within ImageDirector so you both can edit the same album. Simply enter the user's e-mail address in the popup window (must be a registered e-mail address of an existing user) and click the submit icon. A confirmation will be sent to this user and the album will now be inserted into their ImageDirector. The user can now add and remove images from this shared album as if it were their own.  


Choose Album to Edit

Roll over the Choose Album arrow to display a list of albums. To display a different album for editing, click on the album name ie. PhotoShoot 2004.  


Text Width

Set the number of pixels between your thumbnails using the text width field. The thumbnail is 96 pixels wide. To increase the spacing between images displayed in an album page use a number higher than 96.


Signin required?

Check this checkbox and type user name and password to protect the Album URL from casual browsers. This way you can share the name and password via email or phone and the the URL is not totally open if it gets forwarded beyond who you gave access to.



The introduction title is displayed at the top left on the album page.



Add introduction text if you wish to add a more detailed description on the album pages between the title and the images.


Do not forget to hit SAVE on the top toolbar to save all your changes.

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