Edit Metadata

From the Edit Screen you can edit the meta data.

File Name
The name of the file as uploaded.

Short Name
Assign a short name to the file to be displayed under the thumbnail view.

Choose Category
Choose a category to place the image into.

Add new category
Add a new category by typing in a name in the box. Click the Save icon when you are finished (hitting Enter will not save the category). The image will be filed into this new category. Categories are deleted if you remove all files from the category. You can also use Click to choose category to select from the existing categories in this group.


Characters allowed for category name:

- all numbers
- Latin alphabets: a-z,A-Z,À-Ö, Ø-ö,ø-ÿ
- brackets "(" and ")"
- dots "."
- comma ","
- underscore "_"
- hyphen "-"
- forwardslash "/" (sign for subcategories)

Add to multiple categories


Select the [Click to choose category] dropdown menu. Once you have selected a category, click on + Add to multiple categories . A box will appear with the category you have just added the image to (if the image is already in multiple categories, the box appears when Edit Image Data window loads). Repeat this operation by selecting another category in the dropdown menu. The current image will now belong to two categories, which are displayed in the box (use the scroll buttons to see all categories).


To remove the image from a particular category, click on the desired category in the box. The category name will turn red, then click
- Remove selected category.

Different meta data for the same asset

To assign different meta data to multiple categories open the asset that you need to edit. This is the meta data of the main asset. Click "add to multiple categories". The field for multiple categories will open, and you can check "individual meta data" next to that field after you have selected a second category.

You have now selected two categories for the same asset and prepared it for assigning different meta data for the same asset.

After completing the editing of the main asset, go the the second category of the asset through the category menu in the main ImageDirector window. You will always see and edit the meta data of the category you are in.

Groups/Add Group

To add an image to a group, select from the Groups list or type a name in the Add Group box. Click the Save icon when you are finished (hitting Enter will not save the group). The image will be added to this group. Select multiple groups by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the desired groups.

Set the privileges for this image. You can assign more than one privilege to an asset.

By default (when no check boxes are markerd) the privilege is set to [Administrator] as Administrators can view all images.

You can assign an amount to any file or image for cost sharing purposes. The price is recorded in order for you to have control over the usage of individual visitors.

Customer ID
You can assign an ID or a number to any file. If you are searching for a specific image, you can retrieve it with this number.

Keywords can be used to retrieve files through the search function. When properly assigned, they can greatly improve the retrieval process. Under the "Keywords:" heading is a text box in which you can manually type your keywords.


The Quick Edit icon, when rolled-over will display your Quick Edit popup list:


This list allows you to instantly add or remove keywords to/from the textbox. When you click on a keyword in the Quick Edit list, it turns red and is added to the Keywords textbox. Click on it again and the keyword is removed from the textbox. To add or remove keywords to/from your Quick Edit list, enter the keyword under "Add new:" or "Remove:" and click the corresponding Save icon. The Quick Edit list can hold a maximum of 50 keywords.

Add a description to the file here, which will be displayed in the album(s) containing this image.

Notes contain any information that you would like your users to see about the file such as usability of a particular image or recommendations.

Rights & Restrictions
Add rights and restrictions to inform users about who owns the copyright of any given asset for what period of time and what regional areas or media types the copyrights are restricted to.

Check for copyright warning
Check this box to notify users of a copyright warning when they download an original file. The warning displays the content of the [Rights & Restrictions] field.

Valid from/Valid to
Use this function to assign the valid dates of the privileges you have selected. If you save with an invalid date entered, all privileges will be revoked for this image. A valid date must include today's date in the Valid from selection.

Other Data
Not editable: Dimensions in Pixels, Size in Kilobytes, Uploaded Date, Owner (uploaded by), Image ID (assigned by ImageDirector), Client ID (assigned by ImageDirector).
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