Edit Emails

Use this function to edit the confirmation message sent to new users, as well as the message for confirming changes to user privileges.

Signup Messages sent to administrator

All administrators that have the checkbox "this administrator receives signup emails" checked will receive an email regarding the user that signs up through the automated signup process.  



Select Group 
At the top of the page is a drop down list of all groups on your ImageDirector. Each group can have custom emails. Select a group and then begin editing the emails.



Purpose defines what this email is being used for.



Variables defines what dynamic text, generated by the system, can be added to your custom messages.


Custom Messages

There are many areas which can be customized for emails such as

  • Title (Subject Line)
  • Introduction Text
  • Greeting Text (closing remarks)
  • Attachment (add a file to be sent with the email)




Clicking the Save icon in the top right corner of the screen saves all changes to all emails of the group you are currently viewing.



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