Derivatives Created

Derivatives are created automically during upload

With every file uploaded, ImageDirector generates 4 additional file formats on the fly. The original file format is not altered and is stored in the database. The generated files are all web files (most derivatives are JPGs - GIF orginals have GIF derivatives).


  • Original or Full size (-f) original size
  • Presentation or Slide format (-s) within 1024x678 pixels
  • Preview (-p) within 420x420 pixels
  • Internet (-i) within 250x250 pixels
  • Thumbnail (-t) within 96x120 pixels


The image below compares these files and their attributes. Please note the letter following the hyphen in the files names. Multiple files, downloaded simultaneously from ImageDirector, are transferred in a single zip file. ImageDirector uses a hyphen and a single letter as the file name suffix to define file format. 

i.e. yourfilename-s.jpg = Presentation Slide format

For information on downloading files see:

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