The Administration section displays a number of menus that is dependent on the user's role.

CD Orders
This menu displays all CD orders and a link to download a ZIP-File with the ordered assets. This menu is utilized by users that create CDs.


Use the lightbox as a shopping cart for images and files you want to download or process as a group. Place single or multiple files into the lightbox from categories or search results. The lightbox is just a view of a group of files, any changes you make here will update the data for that asset no matter what category they are in.

Upload / Inbox
ImageDirector offers four methods for uploading your files and folders: Web Folder, Web FTP, HTTP transfer and file transfer with FTP client. In order to be utilized, the local machine must have the chosen upload method turned on. Some upload methods may not be available due to security reasons. Newly uploaded files will be converted in the Inbox. The conversion process should not be interrupted.


My Templates

The My Templates folder displays templates for TAGGON and PREEON.

My Profile

This section displays the user's information, including the password. The user can change his profile and password. However, the user-ID can not be altered.

Manage Accounts

View and manage pending and registered users. Change a user's information using the Edit User function. To sort users by a particular field such as User ID, simply click on the desired header at the top of the table. To view a specific user's activity history, click on their User ID.

Pending Users
If the option "automated sign-in process" is installed, new users can register to your ImageDirector through the new user signup here link. The user will receive an automated confirmation of the registration and the administrator receives a copy of it.  

The administrator assigns the user's role in the Pending Users menu. Upon saving the user, the account will be moved from Pending Users to standard accounts.  The user receives another automated email with the assigned role and the access information.

My Albums

Within "My Albums", you can make image collections available to audiences that do not edit your proprietary information, but do need access to view and download the information. This way you can share easily with media, retailers, print shops, or customers who are in different departments and around the world.


Recycle Bin
Use the Recycle Bin folder to retreive assets accidentally deleted or to permanently delete those you no longer need. Once the image is in the Recycle Bin, click on the Restore Image icon in the thumbnail, which will bring up the Edit Image Data screen. This will allow you to change grouping and category information for the asset and to republish it back into the system. 

The menu statistics gives privileged users access to the log files of the system.


Administrators can define the contact information of their ImageDirector.


The session will be terminated upon clicking Logout.

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